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> Pinterest, there’s been a 20% increase in people pinning ‘Scandinavian hair’ images in the past six months and a further 25% increase in ‘bleach hair’ pins in the last month."/>
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The hair colour you need now
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The most in-demand hair colour of the season is, undeniably, bleached-blonde. It’s everywhere: on Instagram, on the red carpet, on the catwalk and even on the heads of people on the tube. According to Pinterest, there’s been a 20% increase in people pinning ‘Scandinavian hair’ images in the past six months and a further 25% increase in ‘bleach hair’ pins in the last month. The thing is, going that platinum blonde can be tricky – it’s so much more than buying a hair dye set in Boots and doing it over your sink (trust me, I’ve been there. And it didn’t end well. I’ve removed all evidence from Facebook, so don’t try and stalk me!). And the maintenance?! Whoof! Never fear, for Powder is here…

Your fool-proof guide to going Scandi-blonde the right way:

Where to get it done:

Stop everything you’re doing and head straight towards Notting Hill and in the direction of Stil, a salon that specialises in going lighter, much, much lighter. When you get there, ask for their Scandinavian Blonde service, from £110.

Who you should see:

If you’re gonna go Scandi-blonde you ought to get it done by a Scandi blonde; Christel Lundqvist is warm, friendly and has the most beautiful blonde hair. She also doesn't hold back - if you want to go so light that you're erring on the side of white, she'll do it.

POW_ER TIP: Never get your hair done by someone with a dreadful barnet of their own.

Why you go should here:

There are many things to love about this salon – it’s chic paired-back décor, the delicious drinks and snacks that regularly get topped up for free and Bertie the Maltese who runs laps around your feet begging for attention. But the thing that makes this salon so special is the comprehensive consultation you get before your appointment.

Christel takes everything into consideration before going anywhere near you, which is excellent, because let’s be honest bleaching your hair is A BIG DEAL. How many times have you sat in a hairdresser’s chair, asked them for highlights and they say, ‘OK, I’ll just go and make up the colour’ without even looking you in the eye? Not here. When I was sat in front of her, Christel looked at my skin tone, my eye colour and what I was wearing. She looked my current hair – super long, with ombred lengths - and showed me collages and images of which colours were best suited to me and gave me detailed reasons why. After 15 minutes, I felt so comfortable in her hands, that I would have let her do anything.

The approach:

There are two ways to go about it – full head of bleach, which is best for those with shorter hairstyles, or foiled highlights, if, like me, you’ve got really long hair that’s already a little damaged.

The result:

Christel is a true magician - just take a peek at Stil’s Instagram to see her transformations.  


Shampoo and conditioner

Violet shampoos and conditioners are the best way to keep your hair cool and icy rather than rich and warm. Christel warns against overdosing on them - because of its toner content, it can be quite drying. She recommends switching between the violet shampoo and a deep moisturising one every other wash.

Christel’s favourite is the Catwalk by Tigi Fashionista Violet Shampoo and Conditioner, from £13.95. Use them periodically with a deep conditioning hair mask. If you like your products vegan, then look no further than Stockholm-based brand Maria Nila – their Sheer Silver line, £12.95 takes out any brassy and yellow tones brilliantly. Charles Worthington’s new Colour Enhancer Ultra Violet Shampoo, £6.99, contains salon-strength violet toning formula making it really, really punchy so don’t leave it on for too long! You have been warned.

Root touch-ups:

Inevitably if you started out with darker hair, like moi, then you won’t be able to avoid the ever-increasing inches of dark roots on your crown. Luckily, as ever, the beauty industry has you covered. You’ve probably seen lots of root sprays on the market (Charles Worthington has one as does L'Oreal), but the best that I’ve ever tried is Everpro Beauty. It covers in all manner of colours (so works well on greys not just roots) and comes in spray and compact powder form.

Now you’ve dyed your hair, you’ll want to maintain it. Take our quick quiz to find te best hair mask for you…


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