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The hair colours you can get away with in the office
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I have distinct memories of being thrust a face wipe in the back of a Mrs Hayward’s maths class to remove the clumpy mascara I had painted on that morning. It was considered offensive in my convent school – as was any form of hair dye although sadly for the teachers there wasn’t anyway they could wipe that off.

Whilst the work place is much more lax on mascara rules, hair dye is seen as unprofessional (unless you’re in the creative industry). There are however a few loop holes that allow you to play with colour in a discrete ways that won’t leave you packing up your desk and strolling out with your P45 in hand.

Go pastel not bright

So blue hair doesn’t go with your fitted suit and boardroom presentation on health and safety – that doesn’t mean to say you can’t have some fun with colour. Pastels are a subtler way to blend colour through without being garish. If you have super pale skin and blue/green eyes a cool blue looks really flattering, darker eyes and skin tones suit pinks or peach – basically the warmer colous. 

Paint it red

The red hair dye spectrum is a lot wider than you think – it doesn’t just stop at bright red. If you have dark hair, opt for a reddish brown that lifts your natural colour. If you have blonde, pull through streaks of strawberry blonde to add tone to hair.





There’s more than one way to ombre

Possibly the most non-offensive hair dye option that’s sure to get a big tick from your boss. Ombre is when you gradient colour to go lighter at the ends either with blondes or you could try a very soft pastel if you have light hair already.  

Hide your colour

You can hide streaks of bright hair that are only allowed to come out to play at weekends. Pulling streaks of brights underneath the hair at the nape of the length looks seriously cool or you could bury the colour into the middle of hair so when you tie half up you can see the colour. What you boss doesn’t know won’t hurt, right?

Temporary dye

If none of the above takes the biscuit, you can use temporary dyes for the weekend. The new Schwarzkopf Pastel hairsprays wash out (promise – we’ve tried it on a Sunday night and there wasn’t a trace come Monday).

Excuse us whilst we hit the bottle… of dye that is.

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