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Hair SOS: overstyled this Christmas?
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It’s a pretty safe assumption to make that whenever you’re having fun, your hair is the party-pooper that’s isn’t. That session of backcombing, the flirty dip-dye you ran to get when you found out that guy would be at the party, and your ‘if-all-else-fails-straighten-it’ strategy: your hair hates you for it. And now it’s brittle and threatening break, frizz and tangle in protest.

Don’t panic – Powder has a practiced appeasement strategy to tame the mane:

1. Strike up a friendship with oil. Remember that playground test where you stretched your hair to see how healthy and springy it was or if it just snapped? Turns out you really can tell if your hair is damaged that way - dry hair is porous and likely to break given the slightest tug. Don’t worry: we’re not about to suggest you stop washing your hair to let natural oils run riot and turn you into a grease ball - just put one on your hair post-washing. Two or three drops distributed through the ends of hair will make it glossy, any more will tip you into greasy.

2. Eat protein until you feel sick. Protein is a powerhouse that not only boosts your body’s energy, it’s a brilliant way to strengthen hair (either by eating more of it or just applying it topically): protein will quite literally reconstruct damaged portions of strands.

3. Declare to your family that facemasks are essential. This is our favourite step, as it basically involves having a long soak in a bath. Hop in, wash with shampoo, take a dollop of hair mask and gently comb it through. Then all you have to do is lie back and let the steam push the mask more deeply into your hair while you just flick through a magazine. Told you this one’s a winner. (If you don’t have a bath – just stick you head out the shower for 5 minutes whist it’s on. Scrub, exfoliate, shave your legs – whatever you fancy whilst the mask works it’s magic).

4. Sleep on it… Or maybe we like this one more: all we have to do is smooth an overnight hair serum on, drift off for a nice eight hours and - boom! Healthier hair. Sound good? We thought so. If you find masks too greasy to sleep in, wrap your head in a cling film (not a good plan if you’re in a new relationship – this is saved for lonely nights in watching Girls). If your hair is in serious need of moisture, use oil rather than serum (anything from specialised hair oil to coconut oil will do).

5. Heat things up. We could kiss the clever clogs at GHD right now for inventing an Advanced Split End Therapy serum that is activated by their straighteners and curling tongs. Put it on before heat styling and your hair will reap the rewards of the nutrients in the formula. This is excellent news if you, like us, are thoroughly addicted to tongs and couldn’t possible put them aside while damaged hair grows out.

6. Will yourself to have a trim – it will be ok. We know, it takes ages to grow hair and losing even a precious inch can be an ordeal, but there truly is no speedier way to healthy up hair than a trim. Just be very clear with your hairdresser: an inch is an inch. Ask them to demonstrate with their fingers if needs be.

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