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Fragrance Notes
Have you remembered this crucial wedding detail?
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Long after your bouquet has dried, dress has been elegantly boxed up and honeymoon tan has faded, there is a little piece of the day you can continually wear to remind you of the happy memories – and it’s not your wedding ring.

Scent tickles memories more than any other sense because it is the only one that passes through both the memory and emotion section of the brain (sight, taste, touch and sound don’t), hence why you often get a throwback after a whiff of a familiar fragrance.

So where do you start? Walk immediately very quickly (maybe run) into a Jo Malone store near you and book in for a complimentary Bridal Consultation at one of their tasting bars.

They will take you through a selection of blind fragrance sniffing that lets you say yay or nay to narrow them down. Don’t panic, you don’t have to pick ‘the one’ from this selection – just whittle it down to two or three scents.


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To make it bespoke, they blend these fragrances together. That doesn’t mean you have to buy two bottles, but layer up the scents in a more subtle way. The bridal consultation starts by cleansing your skin with a body wash in one of your chosen scents, and then a dreamy hand and arm massage with a body cream in either the same or another fragrance. Finally you are spritzed with your favourite perfume, over your arm so you can get a real feel for the bespoke blend. Something not quite right? You can keep tweaking the combination until you get it perfect.

It’s like dress shopping all over again; only this is something we’ll still be able to wear for years to come. 

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