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The health warnings that could mean you’re vitamin D deficient
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We joke about being vitamin D deficient in the same way we jest about having no money or boyfriend (classic humour default method to mask any underlying concern). However, an increased number of us are lacking in vitamin D, which could be the reason behind a number of health concerns.

We need on average 15 minutes a day of sun exposure for our body to generate vitamin D and it has to be in direct sunlight (UVB can’t penetrate through glass). However, if you are paler your body can generate the vitamin a lot quicker than if you have dark skin.  

Of course the British summer is fleeting and as frequent jaunts to the Med or Caribbean aren’t on the cards for the vast majority, it’s little wonder that vitamin D deficiency is such a big problem in this country – particularly if you work long hours indoors. In the winter months in particular try to up your intake of oily fish (salmon, mackerel) as well as eggs and red meat as a substitute for sun.

So how do you tell if you’re deficient? Here's how…  

1. You feel tired all the time (even after a good night's sleep)…

It’s not just iron that has you firing in all cylinders – low levels of vitamin D mean you'll struggle to regulate the mood-regulating hormone melatonin causing your energy levels to plummet.

2. You’ve starting forgetting things

Try this one with your best friend when you forget her birthday – ‘I’m so sorry I forgot I just haven’t got enough vitamin D left over from my Santorini holiday’. Well we did say try… As vitamin D controls calcium levels in brain cells and regulates cell life, a lack of it can contribute to a flakey memory and general poor concentration too.

3. You have niggling aches and pains

If you have achy joints or you can’t so much as lift a lipstick five days after your workout, it could be because you’re lacking in vitamin D as it’s responsible for speeding up muscle recovery.

4. You’re feeling down

SAD is actually a thing. The mood-enhancing hormone Serotonin increases with exposure to sunlight, which is why you’re usually happiest in summer.  

I think it’s about time we booked a holiday now – care to join us? 

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