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The healthy food that's making acne worse
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Oh acne, you really are a total bore. The list of things we’re not to allowed eat, cuts out all the good stuff (as we expected); coffee, sweets AND alcohol. Shall we stop smiling too? The bottom line is, we want clear skin more than we want our rep as the ‘good-time gal’ so we’ve been stocking up on the healthy stuff and painfully declining the cheese and wine socials in favour of a veggie brunch (honestly, we don't even unrecognisable ourselves).

However, we were Home-Alone-pose horrified when we found out that the healthy granola, yoghurt and fruit ordered this morning (instead of that bacon roll) is actually a skin ruiner!

Abigail James, the A-List facialist who counts SJP among her clients told us the three food groups to swerve:


This should have a big flashing ‘no entry’ sign over it if you struggle with acne, as it is difficult to digest and so any toxins stay in your body for longer. ‘Knock it out for six weeks (your skin cells start renewing after four weeks so you need to give it time to adjust and then notice the difference).’


‘Most people know this but don’t know why they should cut it out (which helps FYI when you need the motivation to put down that Dairy Milk). The reason is because it’s an inflammatory so stirs up spots and soon-to-be spots.’ Refined sugar is the biggie to avoid mostly though.


We told you this would turn you into a snooze-fest. ‘Alcohol has a load of sugar and your liver and kidneys are under pressure to detoxify those couple of glasses (okay, who are we kidding, bottle) of wine. Whilst they’re busy with that, they don’t have time to detox your skin too.

So that yoghurt (dairy), granola (wheat and sugar) and dried fruit (sugar) are actually making your acne worse. James explains, ‘you’d be better off staying off cereal completely and swapping to eggs and avacado for breakfast. Lemon and hot water in the morning are good to detox the liver and add cayenne pepper (if you can stomach it) to wake up your liver.

Try and cut out these foods. It’ll be tricky, ensure you have supportive friends (ignore the one that’ll persuade you to go to that steet food fest with £2 sangria – you know the pal, we all have one!). Abigail suggests breaking yourself in gently rather than going hammer and tongs to do it all at once. 'Goat's cheese is fine to eat, mix up soy milk with almond, hemp, coconut, rice milks (just give the sugar content a once over first)'. Try it for six weeks to really notice a difference – your acne shouldn’t look so aggressive and inflamed.

All sounds very good nice. Now off to buy a lemon.

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