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The healthy way to dye hair
The healthiest way to die your hair Image Credit:

Dying your hair was one of those beauty treatments that your Mum would swear blind is terrible for you. Along with prematurely shaving your legs and over-plucking your brows, dying your hair adopted almost the same level of warning as smoking or downing a bottle of WKD. 

However, the current argument flying around the beauty industry it that there’s a good way to dye your hair (note: hair dye will never actually benefit your hair but if you’re going to do it – this is the way to go). Balayage isn’t exactly new, but it’s constantly evolving. The way it works is unlike foils or block colour; it’s done freehand and further away from the root. The reason why everyone is raving about it is because it’s much better for the hair – particularly blondes that are used to being stripped with bleach. So it’s not so much the dye itself that’s better for you – but the way of doing it.

We visited Neville’s and spoke to their Creative Colour Director, Seniz Alkan, to get the lowdown: 

The highlights:

  • It looks much more natural that ordinary dye because of the way it is applied freehand.
  • As you don’t paint it really close to the root, it means that the ‘grow out’ happens more naturally and you don’t get a stark contrast block of colour around your parting.
  • It’s better for blondes as foils can look artificial (hair doesn’t naturally highlight in stripes!).
  • As the hair isn’t completely covered you can control the colour more. The hairstylist can see the colour evolving and if it works quicker than expected then you can wash it off before things get too light. Less is always more when it comes to colouring.

The lowlights:

  • The trick is in the tecnique, so it quite literally pays to go to a specialist. It’s going to be pricey but remember you don’t have to go as often for upkeep - so it six of one and half a dozen of the other (or however the saying goes)...

If you’re feeling inspired to give it a go you can book in with Seniz over at Neville’s or speak to your local salon about the colour technique and what they offer.

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