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Be honest, how many of you are guilty of picking up a bottle of foundation in your local department store, holding it up to the light - or if you have more that 2 seconds to spare slapping and bit on the back of your hand - and heading over to the counter to buy it? Yep thought so, that’s most of us.

This probably explains why most of us are left feeling a little dissatisfied after the first wear (the same kind of disappointment you get after picking up a pair of trousers in your lunch break that look fab on the model but on you… not so much). Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.  But unlike an ill-fitted garment you might wear once a month, foundation is something you wear every day so it’s paramount you get it right (or it could turn out to be an expensive habit!).

Anyway, the thing with foundation is that it’s more than just the colour you have to get right. It’s the undertone. Yellow and red are the two main undertones in dark and black skin so firstly you need to work out which one you are and secondly, which one you want to be. This will alter your foundation shade choice.

How to get the best tone

Maybelline’s Sharon Dowsett explains: ‘Black skins have more colour tones than Caucasian so you may want to consider buying two shades of foundation – use the lighter shade in the middle of your face and the darker shade as a halo’. This keeps dimension in the face – anything mono-tonal can cause the skin to look a little flat (not cool).

How to get the best finish

It’s good to bear in mind that ‘black skin is naturally more oily than Caucasian, so a matt-er foundation will help to give a more flawless, cashmere finish,’ explains Dowsett. It will also give it more lasting power too, which is always a winner.

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