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How to apply concealer
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Sometimes you’ve just got to strip it right back to basics. Watching beauty videos about how to do brow art or crystallized lips might be good fun, but it’s the day-to-day make-up slog we need to iron out.

The question we always get asked is just simply ‘How do you apply concealer?’ Whether you’ve got spots, dark circles or blotches, here’s how to cover them and fake perfect even skin.

If you’re so tired you look like you’ve been punched in both eyes...

Ah, dark circles. We can’t seem to shift them for love nor money, but you can have a bloody good stab it with this concealer technique. First up, hydrate the area with an eye cream, and always, always, always, use a concealer shade that’s one lighter than your foundation. Apply your concealer in upside down triangles under each eye to stop the bag descending so far. Fake it till you make it, right?

If you have the planet’s most annoying break-out... 

Hold it! Before your gouge your fingers into the pot of concealer and try to trowel it on – pick up a small fluffy brush (we use an eye shadow brush) and dust your concealer over the spot (even if it’s creamy, it’ll work). You get a much more even, fuller coverage and you won’t be prodding your dirty mitts anywhere near it either. If you have a huge-ass spot that just won’t disappear, try the sandwich method. One layer of concealer, one layer of powder on top of that to set it, and then brush on a second layer of concealer on top of that.

If you have a dark sun spot for every holiday you’ve ever been on...

This is where coloured concealers come into their own! To navigate the rainbow of options out there, we suggest just sticking to yellow or orange to fade the appearance of dark spots and creamy concealers work best as they’re thicker and last longer. Put your foundation on first then dab the product on (with fingers or a sponge works equally well) to blot over the dark patches and give a much more even skin tone. 

If your skin has started flaring up crimson. Why why why?!

Just lunge for the green and yellow concealers. They won’t actually turn your face lurid, but the colour will neutralise redness. If it’s just same blotches, use a flat brush to get to the precise areas but if you have larger areas of redness, use a kabuki brush and buff concealer on. 

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