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How to blend make-up properly
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Blending. It’s a term Beauty Editors are guilty of using willy-nilly to explain how you take your make-up from looking like it’s plonked on your skin, to instead looking natural and seamless.

But what actually is it and how on earth do you do it? We’ve broken it down for you…  

Why do we need blending in our lives?

You know when you catch someone on the train or bus and you notice when they move their head to check the next stop they have an orange rim around their chin? That. The blotchy foundation, the panda eyes and the dodgy blusher stripes are the reasons we need blending in our lives.

What are the tools for the job? Fingers, sponge or brush?

There are merits to all of the above, but in general we follow this pattern. Blending liquid foundation works better with a sponge as your fingers can melt the product off with the hand heat and brushes cause streaks. Use a really dense bristled brush to buff in powder foundation. For eyes, use a fluffy brush to shape eye shadow. Brushes work best for bronzers and blushers too, unless you have a cream or liquid one in which case melt the product with your fingers and dab in. Information overload, but that just about covers it.

How do you do it? Tell us!

Liquid foundation: Using a sponge dab the product into your skin like you used to do with face paint. Start in the centre of the face and dab out across the cheeks, forehead and chin. And don’t stop there… Keep going right down the neck so you aren’t left with the dreaded orange line. 

Powder foundation: Using a dense brush, buff in small circular motions from the centre of your face outwards (and remember that neck!) You might need to work harder around the tricky areas (corners of your nose, eye brows and hairline – usual suspects).

Powder blusher and bronzer: Get the fattest brush you can find and go to town on the cheek bones making sure you don have any stripes.

Cream blusher and bronzer: Warm the cream by rubbing it into your fingers first and then pressing into your cheekbones, working from the apple to the hairline.

Eye shadow: Use a clean brush (you don’t want to add a different colour pigment into the mix) and imitate a windscreen wiper on your eyelids.

That flawless finish will be ours… 

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