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How to contour your face shape
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Contouring is a bit like coffee  - there’s no one size fits all formula. Just like how you personalise a cappuccino with extra hot milk or adding a cheeky extra shot to your vanilla latte, contouring techniques should be tailored to your face shape.  

It’s important to remember that a tip that works for your round face might not work with your best mate's heart shaped face. That said, contouring is a tricky business so we forgive you for copying whatever you can. But to get the best out of your features, we’ve broken it down for you…

In the tool kit today:

Round-shaped face: You can draw a perfect circle around your whole face.  

  • Use bronzer in a ‘3’ shape, starting from the centre of your forehead and working round and down to the ears, then in under the cheekbones and out and round the chin. By shadowing parts of the face you add dimension and define your cheekbones but also lengthen your face.

Heart-shaped face: The tops of your cheekbones are wider than your hairline.

  • Use bronzer over your temples and under your cheekbones to even up the proportions of your face.
  • Then create contrast with your highlighter, by applying it in the centre of your chin and forehead to open up these narrow areas. 

Square-shaped face: You have a straight jaw line and hairline (which are all the same distance apart)

  • As your face is quite symmetrical, use your bronzer to make certain parts look narrower – so sides of your forehead, sides of your jawbone and fill in the area straight in from your ear lobe.
  • Highlight right down the middle of your face and under your eyes to elongate the face.

Oval-shaped face: Your face resembles a perfect egg shape (you lucky thing!)

  • Bronze the top corners of your forehead and underneath you cheekbones to give more definition to the natural smooth curve of your face.
  • Highlight a blob shape in the centre of your forehead and under your eyes to bring the centre of your face in a little.
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