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How to cover up eye bags
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Something that has become a far too regular ritual in our morning is the horror of looking at our reflection in the mirror and thinking, ‘God, I look knackered!’ Despite trying to get to bed before midnight (always tricky) and cutting out the mid-week wine (even trickier), our face is all too telling of the exhaustion we feel. 

Pulling an Anna Wintour and wearing sunglasses around the clock doesn’t have to be your only option. Although concealers are a welcome friend in this situation it’s tricky to find one that is thick enough to cover the shadows, but isn’t too heavy that it makes the bags look even bigger. As with most beauty dilemmas like this, the key is in the application. 

So next time you lunge for the concealer, remember this…

Tip 1: Prime first

You don’t want your concealer sliding off come lunchtime, revealing the true extent of your tiredness. Adding a primer first will smooth the area to stop concealer cracking, and will give it something to grip hold of.  You secret is safe with us.


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Tip 2: Getting the right colour is SO important

There’s a lot of nonsense about opting for a shade lighter or sticking to luminous formulas when tackling tired eyes. We say – if you follow the philosophy of yellow-based concealers for blueish dark circles and a peach-based concealer for brown or yellowish circles you can’t go wrong. It’s a total failsafe. Ignore all other theories.


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Tip 3: Don’t conceal the whole bag

Yes, we know, it sounds really crazy, but smothering the whole under eye area in concealer actually makes things look even puffier. Instead, tap the concealer over the crease at the bottom of the bag and blend it in with your cheekbones. This will stop the bag receding so far and the skin will appear more uniform. 

Failing all of the above, you could just slap on a bright lip – always a winning distraction. 

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