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How to cut your blow drying time in half
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If we gave you an extra 7 minutes a day – what would you do with it? After posing the question in Powder HQ cheerful responses included; have an extra couple of minutes of kip each morning, call a mate or pop on the face mask you had two birthdays ago but haven’t had a chance to use yet.

Turns out, these are all possible. No no, we aren’t the proud new owners of Bernard’s watch but do have a shiny new gadget for you. On average, women spend 15 minutes blow drying their hair but the Aquis hair towel halves that.

Made with microfiber, it absorbs moisture faster than a towel and can hold more water too. Hair is almost dry when you take it out of a turban and the lisse crepe fabric reduces frizz and breakage by stretching with hair rather than pulling at it.

If you have afro hair, they have specifically created Aquis Waffle Luxe Hair Towel as it’s much more prone to damage. The cuticles are finer and the curls make it hard work for oils to travel through the centre of the hair – they usually give up about half way which is why the ends are usually dry. Unlike normal towels, this has less friction so it much kinder to vulnerable wet hair.

As hair is drier, it reduces your blow-drying time (hurrah) and consequently the amount of heat hair is exposed too. The best perks of that are:

  • If you have coloured hair, it won’t fade so quickly. Excellent for your selfies but also your purse as salon trips won’t need to be so frequent.
  • Hair will look and feel much smoother. Heat damages cuticles, which allows moisture to escape in a desperate bid for freedom. This is when brittle and split ends start to creep in.
  • You won’t need a protein shake before the intense workout that is hair brushing. Conditioned hair won’t be as knotty so you will be able to comb through easily.

Now we’re just going to get our alarm 7 minutes later than usual… 

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