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How to cut your own hair
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Come on, we’ve all attempted to cut our own hair in the past. Whether it’s a late night, booze-fuelled decision to suddenly give yourself a bob or you’ve got a knot you can’t be bothered to untangle so… snip! Gone.

All seem like a full-proof plan at the time, but our success rate of cutting our own hair is hanging depressingly low. Surpassing it are the failed attempts which include uneven tufts, a few lopsided layers or an awkwardly short fringe. Disaster. Zone.

However, we’re constantly reminded that trimming hair is good for it. It promotes healthy, longer, fuller hair with less damage but as most of us don’t have the time or bank balance to trot down to the salon every six weeks, a little home maintenance is a good skill to have.

Vicky Panting from Paul Mitchell Art Team has given us a few tips on how to nail the trim every time.  

First up, Panting’s golden rules are:

  • Only trim, don’t try to an attempt a whole new style. For one, getting to the back of your hair is an impossible feat.  
  • Smooth hair and trim whilst dry. That way you can see exactly how much you’re taking off and don’t get any nasty surprises at the end.
  • Sharp scissors are essential – If you feel like the ends of the hair are bending whilst you’re trying to cut them then they’re too blunt. Anyone attempting it with a pair of nail scissors (you know who you are) please stop!

Now for the job…

How to trim split ends… ‘Section your hair into 4 – left side, right side and down the middle and at the back. Take one section, brush it well so it’s smooth and then twist it in one direction until the whole section of hair twisted. Run your fingers up the hair (gently, like you would back comb) from tips to roots. You’ll notice some of the hairs will break out of the spiral – these are the split ends.  Trim these off hair by hair (no massive chunk, please!). Repeat on all 4 sections (you may need a VERY trustworthy friend for the back bits).’

How to give yourself a fringe… It’s a tricky one. ‘Remember to always work on the hair dry’, explains Panting. ‘Comb your fringe forward so that it’s smooth and flat, then gently pull the hair taught as you trim (not too much though or it will spring back too high). A common mistake women make is looking down at the fringe as you cut which distorts the view. Look straight ahead into a mirror and try to cut into hair with the tip of scissors rather than a blunt straight line.’ Also just an added note – most salons offer complimentary fringe trimming for their clients so it’s worth giving them a call before you lunge for the scissors yourself.

How to cut your in layers… Stop. Don’t do it! Go to a salon, this job requires a professional.

How to cut curly hair… ‘If you only ever wear your hair curly then I would trim it dry so you can see where the hair naturally sits. If you wear it straight, I’d blow-dry it out and straighten it first, then trim the edges so it works well on both smooth and curly styles.

How to cut afro hair… Again, don’t do it! Call up that salon now before you’re tempted.

NEVER try it if… You want a new style. The hacked hair look has never been, or ever will be a flattering look.

We feel enlightened!

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