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Skin Notes
How to deal with skin flare ups
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Hands up if the following sounds familiar… It’s the night before a massive presentation at work that you’ve been working on for a month (day and night) and your skin has decided it’s the opportune moment to flare up into a tantrum-esque frenzy. Super.

Although your immediate reaction is to pile on as many soothing potions as feasibly possible to dodge looking like a pre-pubescent teen in tomorrow's meeting, hit pause.



The benefit of a cleanse for sensitive skin is that it will remove daily dirt, make-up or pollution that are common causes of skin freak-outs.

Rinse your skin with warm water (too hot or cold will shock the skin and make the tantrum worse) and an unperfumed cleanser so as not to prod your skin further. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo Cleanser and Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser are both often recommended by dermatologists for being super gentle and totally fragrance free.

Pow_er tip: Remember how fragile your skin is. Treat it like silk – so try not to rub or tug at it too harshly when you cleanse.


Use a moisturiser with as few ingredients as possible to protect skin from leaking any water loss. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Fluide is a bit special as the moisturiser is in an airtight bag inside the bottle to prevent oxidation and contamination. Other favourites are Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer and Chanel La Solution 10 De Chanel which both have anti-inflammatories in to calm sensitive skin.

That’s it. Yes, two steps are all your need. Less is more when it comes to sensitive skin – it’s a fragile soul and can’t cope with being overloaded. Don’t let that stop you wearing make-up and suffering with exposed skin. Mineral powders and foundation won’t disturb the natural balance of skin, or clog pores – instead your skin can breathe through it.

Our top five sensitive skin tips:

  • Check your make-up brushes and make sure your make-up is still in date. Bacteria can run rampant in compacts and brushes particularly so replace regularly.
  • You’ve heard it before (multiple times) but try to wear SPF daily as sun damage blasts holes in skin’s resilience. Not cool.
  • Cut back on spicy food as it dilates blood vessels (hello redness!), which can trigger an unwanted flare up. Same goes for alcohol too.
  • We’re giving you permission to sleep more. Stress and tiredness stop skin cells from being able to regenerate, which means skin is weaker and particularly fragile.
  • Try to use neutral eyeliner and eye shadow shades (browns, nudes and black liner), as anything bright will have more dye in which can be irritating to skin. 
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