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Make-Up Notes
How to dodge make-up disasters
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Picture the scenario, you’re walking out the door, feeling pretty good in your new season boots and think the second glances you’re getting are in admiration for them. Minutes later and still brimming with confidence you’re waiting for your train and just as it pulls up and you go to open the doors, bam, you see your face. MAKE-UP MALFUNCTION. Even in the hazy mirror of the glass there’s no mistaking that orange rim round your chin. Drat - you knew you should have drawn the curtains.

Having been the object of this humiliation and many other make-up howlers we’ve created a guidebook on the most common make-up fails and how to avoid them…

Strike 1. You haven’t blended your concealer

Yep it’s a classic. Even when we think we’ve left the house looking perfect, we notice pale circles under our eyes where we haven’t blended it properly – usually when we’re in the lift – why is it always the lift!? The lights in there are the devil. To make sure you’re not caught out, don’t go more than two shades lighter than your skin tone when choosing a concealer and pat it in rather than rub to really blend it.

Stike 2. You’ve smudged your eyeliner

We’ve all been here, trying to rock a smoky eye when you really don’t have time or you’ve watched a tearjerker at the cinema. But you don’t need to give up on eyeliner altogether, just take your time. Apply a kohl pencil to your waterline and as close to the lash line as possible then build on the look using a gel liner and eye shadows. Don’t use your kohl for the whole look.

Strike 3: You’re tangoed

Ouch. At least you can scrub heavy bronzer off, but fake tan is a whole other nightmare. Our favourite tip is to mix lemon juice with salt to form a paste then massage it over your skin. It’ll gently bleach out the stains. Just give yourself a good wash after!

Strike 4: You’ve gone contour crazy

We learnt the hard way that what looks good in selfie looks way too much in real life. We now just stick to highlighting the cheekbones and bridge of the nose – then blend until your hand aches.

The plus side is our lipstick looks freakin’ awesome!

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