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How to fake fuller brows
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Ah, beauty trends. They’re usually as fleeting as the British summer - just think how quickly shaved side parts and cornrows bombed. There aren’t many that actually stick around. Surprisingly, full brows have hung in there for a couple of years now and they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Unfortunately, most of us are still cursing the time we over-plucked when trying to re-create that high, thin arch trend in the ‘90s. We should have put the tweezers down when we had the chance - we knew that would come back to haunt us! Now we’re left with folliclely challenged brows and are still filling in the bald patches from that clumsy over-plucking.


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So when the trend for furry caterpillars first caught on we, like most, thought the easiest way to get bushy brows was to let them go feral. However, for something so untamed it takes a surprising amount of grooming.

Here’s how to do it without going down the Scouse Brow route…

 1.  To grow bigger brows you will have to go through the messy stage for about three months, but there’s no need to put a bag over your head. Use concealer on the brow bone to camouflage any stray hairs and a brow pencil to fill in the gaps between your brows and where the new hairs grow.

 2.  Don't overdo the depth and colour of your brows as they’ll overpower your eyes and look heavy. If your brows are very fair, in-salon tinting is the safest way to pronounce them. Never go more than two or three shades darker than your natural hair colour though, that goes for brow pencils too.

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 3.  Us e a pencil or the stem of your brush and line it up with the inner corner of your eye. This is the spot to start your brow, so remove unwanted hairs and etch in a straight line (curving the line can make it look slug-like). Again, using the length of the pencil, angle it across your pupil as this marks the highest point of your brow. Finally, take the pencil out towards the outer corner of your eye as that marks as far as your brow should extend.

4. Sketching in faint hair-like strokes offers the most natural effect but take care not angle your brows downwards at the ends.

Get growing!

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