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How fast does your hair actually grow?
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Waiting for hair to grow is SUCH a bore. As beauty problems go, it’s possibly about as frustrating as they come. We wait months to get an extra couple of inches of growth only to get a trim and lose half of all that hard (very hard) work. So is it just that our hair is a little, shall we say, follicly challenged, or are our expectations far too high? 

The truth is – it really varies. We mean, how long is a piece of string really, right? The bang on average that hair grows is about half an inch per month (and yes, that’s tiddly). Our hair maths says that’s about six inches a year, which is about the length of a biro, however, there are several reasons why your hair isn’t sprouting as fast as it could be.

Hands up if any of the below sound familiar. 

You say ‘I’m SO stressed’ about 40 times a day…

Stress interrupts the normal growth cycle of  hair follicles, which causes hair to thin as hairs doesn’t replace themselves as quickly as they would ordinarily. This will naturally repair on its own when your life slows down a peg or a million.

If you are nudging 50…

Another little treat from the ageing gods is that your hair doesn’t grow at the rapid rate it did in your 20s (sob). The best way to crank this up is to take hair vitamin supplements – Viviscal are the big guns.   

If you’re a hot tool addict…

We’re not saying give them up completely (we’d have more luck giving up Netflix), but have at least one day a week where you give your hair a break so that new follicles can replace the old ones.

You’re just about to go for a fag break…

We hate to sound like your mother, but try to cut back. Tobacco goes straight into the blood stream, which is bad news for your hair as the follicles don’t get the nutrients they need – hence why hair starts to thin and its growth can be stunted.

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