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How to firm up your face
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It seems ironic that we spend our youth wishing we could be older (remember sneaking into bars wearing your mum’s lipstick?) and then when we actually get there we start a mission to desperately rewind the years. This is usually pinpointed to the same moment you make the monumental leap from the ‘noisy’ Radio 1 to ‘super funny’ Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Radio 2 (no offence Chris!). But more importantly it’s when gravity starts to win the war of ageing and skin heads south (great, is there no mercy?).

Someone we can always rely on to perk us up (literally) is celebrity facialist supreme Nicola Joss. Her client base includes all the major the Kates (that’s Moss, Blanchett and Winslet) so she’s the one to fix our wrinkly woes.

Take your skin to the gym. Muscle tone starts to slacken as early as your 20s so like you tighten up your thighs on the cross trainer, you need to do the same for your face. Facial massage is your best bet. It helps to build a healthier muscle that has more volume, better tone and more blood flow in the tissue that all adds up to a younger and fresher face. At the same time you’re pushing your product into the skin so you’re keeping it bouncy and healthy.

Get your ageing amour out! Ageing attacks from two angles. There are lines and wrinkles and then there’s sagging skin. When your skin ages, there are fewer molecules that keep it plump (collagen and elastin, we’re looking at you) so your skin forms lines. And obviously you’re also repeating the same movements in your face, so when you smile or frown or talk that causes deep lines over time.

Wrinkles aren’t your enemy (really?). Lines and wrinkles are a natural ageing process so it’s not something we want to completely prevent. They’re going to happen, it’s inevitable. But to lessen them as much as possible, protecting from UV damage and pollution during the day is essential and then nourishing and hydrating at night.

Make facial oil your bedtime buddy. Firstly, I recommend doing your massage with a facial oil and secondly, I recommend doing it just before bed. So once you’ve got home from work, cleanse your skin straight away and then put on your specific treatment like a serum or an anti-ageing product so it can absorb and get to work. Then at bedtime you put on your oil and massage. Even if you only spend two or three minutes, it will make a difference.

Less is more. The biggest mistake I see women making with ageing skin is overloading their eye area with anti-ageing products. This often leaves you with puffy eyes because there’s too much product going on there. The eye area is really good at absorbing so the more product you put on the puffier that area will get. So take a step back from what you would normally apply.

Massage, massage and massage again. The quickest fix to get a dewy, glowing and more contoured look is to give your skin a massage. If you’ve got an event that you’re going to, before you get into the bath and start getting ready you would spend five minutes massaging your face to really plump it up.

Powder Room top drawer:

Aromatherapy Associates Anti-Age Overnight Repair Mask (£59, spacenk.com)

Nichola loves this, as it’s a really nice way to get your skin feeling bouncy and plump. Apply a layer to the skin before you go to bed and when you wake up your skin feels amazing.

Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50 (£60.70, johnlewis.com)

For a daytime moisture hit, Nichola swears by this. As well as being super hydrating, it has a massive SPF50 to defend against ageing sunrays. Win.

Sanctuary Spa Lipid Recovery Facial Oil (£22, boots.com)

A staple for Nichola. She encourages everyone to use oil on their skin every night before bed and massage it in for five to ten minutes to improve the tone and texture of their facial muscles.

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