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How to get exactly what you want this year
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That’s it. If we receive one more vanilla body lotion or glitter bronzer from Aunt Carol we’ll snap a cracker. Make no mistake, we’re grateful for the sentiment. But that tub spends the next twelve months residing on the side of the bath, never opened (but occasionally we polish up the bottle) and then thrown out just before Christmas the following year.  What a waste.

Luckily, this year we have the secret to making sure we get exactly what you. A beauty wishlist, created for yours truly.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Head on over to your Powder Beauty Drawer and fill in the categories to get your matchmade products.

2. Once you’ve been paired up, heart your favourites from your Beauty Drawer.

3. Click on your wishlist (the cute heart on the top of the page) to see all of your favourites sitting in there, waiting patiently.

4. Then you can either print it out (several copies) and leave them dotted around the house, posted to all friends and family or just had them out at Waterloo station to passers by. Alternatively you can share the URL or  just broadcast it on Facebook and tag Aunt Carol.

Come Christmas day you might not be surprised, but you will be the happiest elf in town.

And for your chance to WIN a product on your wish list, be sure to share your wish list on Facebook and tag us @thisispowder – we'll be choosing 5 lucky elves to win, so get started below!


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