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How to get flawless skin in 2017
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Following a good few weeks where is was totally acceptable to sit in front of a dead tree and eat sweets out of socks, we now face the aftermath; a good few weeks of bad skin. Not quite so enjoyable. During the party period your skin goes through an awful lot. Burning the candle at every end might be festive fun, but those festivities are having the last laugh now as they run amoc with your skin. 

Here’s how to ensure your skin (and you) beat the January skin blues.

You’ve got more spots than your tree had baubles

Extra make-up, late nights and too many toxins lead to very congested skin. Whilst your liver has been busy detoxifying the effects of 50 jugs of mulled wine, it doesn’t have the energy to do the same filtering process to your skin too. Hence the spots.

POW_ER Tip:  What's done is done, but now it's time to up your skincare. A double cleanse will ensure every scrap of make-up, dirt and dead skin cells are out of the bottom of pores. Founders of the double cleanse, Erno Laszlo have some good products. Start with Detoxifying Oil to dissolve make-up and impurities and then follow up with a scrub of Sea Mud Cleansing Bar finish the job. The benefit of combining an oil and soap is that it won’t dry skin out. 

You've carried the merriment through to January. Woops. 

Booze robs your body of moisture and vitamin A (responsible for cell renewal and their general happiness), which is why skin feels dry and looks sallow. 

POW_ER Tip: As well as ensuring you’re drinking water (constantly), layer on a hydrating mask. Sensitive Hydrogel Mask is a Powder faithful. It’s an anti-inflammatory so de-puffs and has a serum like consistency, which has small particles so can deliver hydration much deeper than a moisturiser can, the show offs.

Major lack of sleep

Killer. Lack of sleep messes with your skin’s pH levels. Lowering them means your skin can’t produce enough moisture and it starts to look a bit dull. It also causes blood vessels to dilate, particularly under your eyes, which is when you start to see dark circles. 

POW_ER Tip:  Hydraphel Skin Supplement is just the ticket; a serum/toner mix that gently exfoliates skin to brighten but also pump nutrients in. Slightly pricy, but worth it for hiding the face that shouts, 'Yes, I had a very good Christmas'. For your eyes, try propping your head up on an extra cushion after drinking to stop bodily fluids collecting into puffy bags.

You’ve burned the December candle at every end

Panic shopping, late nights and general indulging can be very upsetting to skin. It’s a sensitive soul. 

POW_ER Tip: Sometimes you just need a little pamper. Whilst you’re sat in front of the TV on a Narcos binge, slather on a face mask. Better still, leave it on over night. Skin can loose up to 25% of moisture whilst you sleep (more if you’re barely getting any) so it’s super important to give back. Hydra-Therapy Memory Sleep Mask is a nice facial-in-a-bottle find of guy. It melts into skin, so the rich omegas and hydrating prickly pears lock in nutrients to have your complexion back to it’s happy self once more. 

Now party like it’s 2017.

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