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How to get fuller lashes without falsies
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It happens. You’re on your way back from work drinks, you’ve just shaken hands with your boss and thanked them for a lovely evening, pleased with your dignified composure all night unlike your wasted colleague slurring in the corner, then as you reach for the taxi door you notice one of your fake eyelashes is dangling from your cheek. Instead of making a quit-witted joke about being ‘lashed’ (literally) you just smile bashfully and wave – mentally kicking yourself as you go. Oh the shame.
The fact is, we all need a little help but you can get the false lash effect you want (and added dignity too) from just a mascara.
Before you do anything – there’s some lash-groundwork you need to get done. ‘I always curl lashes before applying mascara - this lifts them up so that more of the surface of the lash is visible and gives even short lashes the illusion of more length once mascara’s on,’ explains Lancôme’s UK Ambassador and make-up mastermind Alex Babsky.
She explains when it comes to getting fuller lashes there are two camps you can choose between:
1. The wide lash clan
You’re a little bit understated (and probably wearing 50 shades of cream, grey and navy) but love those fluttery fanned out lashes that wake up your eyes. Sophisticated is the word to live by.
•    ‘Rather than coating the lashes straight off the bat, arrange them before your mascara sets (i.e do a section of lashes at a time).’
•    Use mascaras that have a shorter brush – something like the Lancôme Grandiose are best as they’re much more precise and allow you to carefully sculpt each lash. That’s how you get the ‘fan’ not ‘clump’.
•    Mistakes probably will happen. ‘Just wait for the lashes to dry before you start tidying them up or you’ll smear it everywhere. The swan neck of the Lancôme Grandiose is much neater – because of the precision on specific lashes – so you don’t inadvertently deposit more product on the lashes you’ve already made up.’
2. The full-throttle volume crew
You make a statement for all the right reasons. Your eyes are always voluminous to the max but it the most stylish of ways (naturally). 
•    'Go for a flexible brush head (the Lancôme Hypnose Volume-A-Porter is a firm favourite) as they have a bit of give in it to be able to massage the mascara right into the roots.'
•    'You need a formula that isn’t too drying. That’s when you get brittle, wiry lashes that you will then struggle to shape and will often clump too. Something a bit wetter like the Lancôme Volume A Porter will allow you to build up a few coats to get the thickness and fullness you want.’
•    ‘If you really want your lashes to be the focus of your makeup look, you’ll need them to stand out against their “background” so I’d avoid dark coloured eye shadows and perhaps just smudge some liner in at the roots of your lashes to meet your mascara application.’
Go on – have a flutter!
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