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How to get long nails (naturally!)
How to get long nails (naturally!) Image Credit:

Without sounding like the biggest bunch of bubble gum popping teenage girls, a chipped nail is one of life’s most distressing things (ok, slight exaggeration but it’s super annoying). It’s a pretty major set back when one of your perfectly uniform length nails snaps and you have to start from scratch again.

So instead of being forced to go down the falsie route we have dialed up A-lister favourite and L’Oréal Paris Nail Expert Lorraine Griffin to help us get our nails growing, fast.

Tip 1: Keep something on nails at all times (even if it’s just a clear top coat). It acts like scaffolding for the nails giving them an extra layer of strength.

Tip 2: Only take off your polish once a week, and if you can go for longer then that’s great. Nail polish remover dramatically weakens nails if over used.

Tip 3: We’ve always been taught not to splodge on a bit of polish to cover up a chip but actually this is much better for nail strength than stripping off the colour and starting again.

Tip 4: If you’re really serious about growing your nails apply a clear polish and add another coat every day for a week. It may start to look a bit thick towards the end of the week but your nails underneath will be much longer.

Tip 5: Keep nails well moisturised by using a nail oil every day, even when your nails are painted (we keep one our desk and top up when we apply hand cream). The Essie Apricot Nail Oil is a good one.

Tip 6: You really are what you eat (cliché but true). If you drink a lot of water your nails will be much more hydrated and moisturised. And with that we’re off to the kitchen…

Tip 7: If you’re taking gel or acrylic nails off, cut them down as short as you can cope with and think “we’re going to have a couple of weeks of TLC.”

Tip 8: To fake the look of longer nails go for a colour that’s softer and more natural that won’t show up the length of the nail as much as a dark polish would. It will make your fingers look longer too.

Tip 9: The biggest mistake Griffin sees women making with their nails is when they have one nail that’s much shorter than their others. Keep the length even. Uniform and shorter is much better than a talon followed by a stump.

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