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How to get the perfect red lip
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There are a few things in life that a woman needs to master, and we’d say a red lip is definitely one of them. Little says power and class as well as a perfectly stained pout, but a half faded, asymmetrical smudge? Not quite the look we're after. Getting the application right is an art, and it’s one we are ready to learn, study, practice - whatever it takes to nail it.

Who better than make-up supremo Wendy Rowe to tell us her golden rules for the perfect red lip. 

1. Pat a little foundation or concealer over your lips using a sponge to erase the lip line and tone down your natural lip colour. It also serves as a good grip so the colour doesn’t bleed. A flawless red lip requires a perfectly symmetrical shape, so by erasing the natural lip line first it’s easier to draw on your ideal shape with a lip liner (although be realistic – no one ever loved a trout pout ladies).

2. If you have smaller lips use a brush to apply your lipstick and go slightly over the lip line (a steady hand is required!). Shu Uemura’s Natural Brush 19 has a good curve. Avoid hard-angled lip brushes as they make the line too sharp. Don’t get carried away when creating the shape – always keep half of the line you draw on the inside of you lip line so your pout looks fuller but not over done. It helps to follow you natural shape to avoid looking like your lips have been stuck on.

3. If you have full lips, apply your lipstick straight from the bullet. It’s quicker and gives you a stronger, more vibrant colour. Your natural lip colour always alters the shade of you lipstick so by neutralising your natural lip tone with foundation first, you end up wearing the lipstick shade you actually choose.

4. If you have thin lips opt for a bright orangey-reds as they are louder and give the illusion of fullness. Apply a colour one shade darker to the middle of your lips to fake extra volume. As the centre is where the colour tends to wear off the fastest, always finish by pushing the bullet into the middle of your lips to intensify the colour and make it last longer.

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