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How to get (really) long hair
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There was once a time I would put a pair of tights on my head and pretended that the two leg compartments were in fact, a pair of long ponytails (naturally). Before you become concerned for my sanity, I was only four at the time, but I remember how desperately I wanted long hair, and how stubbornly it stayed in a middle of the road lob (that's long bob to you or I). 

Waiting for your hair to grow is possibly the most excruciatingly dull beauty dilemma to fix. It takes forever and is usually at its most appealing when we’ve just been for good three–inch cut. Convenient.

Although there’s no denying that growing your hair does take time (a lot of time) and effort, there are a couple of short cuts we’ve found to get your hair to the length you want. 

Tip 1: Change your bedding (seriously)

Switching up your Egyptian cottons in favour of silk (oh eh) isn’t just another ploy to get you spending. There is much less friction in silk so hair is less prone to breakages.

Tip 2: Go for the chop

No list of long hair advice would be complete without the tip that makes us want bang our fists in frustration at the irony of it. Amazingly, there is actually truth in cutting you hair to make it grow longer. Over time, the ends of your hair get damaged and snap off  - queue stunted hair growth. Instead of leaving this cycle to continue, a regular chop will strengthen the ends, making them less prone to breakage, and strong enough to hang around whilst your hair grows.

Tip 3: Conditioner is your friend

Don’t just skip over this point if you hate the feeling of greasy hair – you just need to apply it on the ends. Over time, hair gets much thinner at the tips thanks to colouring, heat stylers and general environmental stresses. Conditioner pumps the ends full of strengthening proteins and then closes the follicles so they lie smooth (which means they’re less prone to snagging).

Tip 4: Some supplements actually work!

We’re always hesitant to recommend supplements as they’re so often disappointing, but if there’s one we’d bet our Valentino pumps on its Viviscal Maximum Strength Tablets – they’re ace. They had our hair growing like wildfire, particularly tackling the wispy baby hair that hasn’t grown since birth. You’ll have to persevere with them for about three to six months before you seen a difference though.   

Tip 5: Eat up

It might sound like we’re loading you up with the diet of a body-builder, but increased protein intake (fish, eggs, lean meats or nuts) promotes healthy hair growth from the root. Double this up with the Viviscal supplements and you can call yourself Rapunzel! 

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