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How to get rid of tired eyes
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‘Late night was it?’ said someone in the lift (why is it always in a confined space?), when you were actually feeling surprisingly perky for a Tuesday morning. Apparently you didn’t look it. Super. It’s got to be up there on the polite-put-downs meter, along with ‘that’s a fun outfit’ and ‘your hair looks different today’.

The problem is, although that early caffeine fix makes you feel brighter, it does diddly to make you look brighter (bags and black circles, all still firmly in tact). It’s a dead giveaway that you’ve been working hard and playing even harder. Build up of everyday stress and a few late nights will leave eyes sluggish and not as bright as the week out of the office (hopefully somewhere sunny). Of course, you can cake on some concealer and it’ll do the trick instantly, but a long-term solution for this is a decent eye cream.

Here’s how to apply it so you get ‘You're looking good, what are yoo doing differently’ in tomorrow’s lift judgment. We spoke to Caudalie founder Mathilde Thomas about how to take a triple-pronged attack:

Prong 1: ‘Massage the pressure points on your temples and all around the orbital bones of your eyes,’ explains Thomas. ‘Press on these points from above your eyes to underneath them.' This will help get rid of dark circles and puffiness by stimulating the lymphatic drainage and soothing inflamed blood cells, as well as relieving any congestion.

Prong 2: ‘Another tip to reduce puffiness is to soak two teabags in cold water (green tea is great, but ordinary builders tea works well too), or lay a cool washcloth on your eyes for around five minutes.’ Elevate you head slightly so the bags can drain, rather than collect under your eyes (super fail).

Prong 3: One old faithful is storing your eye cream in the fridge. It's an oldie but a goodie...damn refreshing and it takes down the swelling too. 

Now where's the nearest Starbucks?

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