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How to get skin summer-ready
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There are some phrases in the beauty industry that are so over-used but no one actually knows what the hell they mean. Facial massage immediately springs to mind, as does dehydrated skin but the one on everyone lips at the moment is ‘skincare wardrobe’.

When we talk about a skincare wardrobe, we aren’t suggesting folded face-masks and moisturisers hooked on hangers (although that would be a lot tidier that having them strewn across our bathroom). What we’re referring to here is the attire skin should be dressed in seasonally.

Like it or not, skin is that high maintenance best friend that drags you into a cocktail bar when all you want is a cider in your Converse. Feeding it with one product year round would be like wearing the same coat in a -5 °C blizzard and the height of summer – not gonna work!

So despite the somewhat unpredictable English weather, the warmer (ish) months call for a change-up in your summer skincare regime. From adding a higher SPF, to opting for a lighter moisturiser, here are our quick and easy tips to detoxing and de-stressing skin.

1. Switch up your moisturiser

The thicker creams which have seen you through the winter months become harder for skin to absorb. Changing these up for a lighter formula or emulsion will give skin the hydration and moisturisation it needs, without drowning it.  If you have oilier skin, add an oil-balancing product to avoid the summer shine setting in.

2. Up your SPF

To give skin the best protection you’ll need a moisturiser that carries at least an SPF 15, better yet is applying sun cream as a separate layer. The sun cream in your foundation doesn’t count, can we just add! You would have to trowel it on to actually benefit from the protection (not a good look).

3. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse

To avoid blocked pores and breakouts, a good cleansing regime is vital to keep skin balanced and purified. Make sure to remove all make-up and perspiration built up during the day by giving skin a thorough cleanse at night and add in an exfoliator to remove dead surface skin cells.

4. Treat yourself to a facial

Kick-start your summer skincare regime by treating your skin to a facial to detox, purify and hydrate. Dreamy.

5. Change night cream to oil

A thick night cream can be too heavy in the summer, so oils tend to work better. Despite the misconception that oils make skin greasy, if applied correctly they are highly effective at soothing and moisturising skin, while also providing barrier protection.

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