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How to get your make-up to last
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Even the most meticulously applied make-up tends to go south come 4pm when the dreaded shine starts to really take hold (if you’re actually still sat there looking perfect then continue doing what you doing, but know that we’re very jealous and might just hate you a little bit…). But if like the rest of us, you’re sick of your make-up performing disappearing acts then let us enlighten you.

First up cleanse, cleanse and cleanse (did we say cleanse?!)

This is the most important step for budge-proof make-up. ‘Massage a gel or cream cleanser into skin to remove old make-up, grime and dead skin build up’, says facialist Debbie Thomas. Rinse and repeat. ‘This ensures the products you use after can get into your skin better.’  With a clean canvas to start with, make-up will go on much more smoothly.

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Don’t forget the primer

To keep your make-up intact for the full day, priming is a must. It gives make-up something to hold on to and (hopefully) makes it stay put. Don’t forget eyes either –a specific eyeshadow primer will hold much better than the one you use on your face.

Make your foundation work harder

It’s pretty much a fact that a high-coverage, cakey base will slide off in almost any sort of heat. It might sound counterintuitive but a lightweight BB cream will last longer than something heavy-duty as it works like a moisturiser.


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Use lip-liner or a matte lipstick

Lip-liner might seem a bit old-fashioned but this holds the colour and stops it from bleeding. Choosing a matte lipstick over a high shine finish is also the key to long lasting lip colour, so you’re not spending the day worrying about the upkeep (who has time for this hassle?).

Keep everything in place

So now you’ve got make-up on but don’t let it go just yet. Avoid foundation slippage with a make-up setting spray (like hairspray for your face) - essential for making sure everything stays put. A spritz over your face before you leave the house should keep things in place.

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