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How to get your skin over jet lag
How to get skin over jet lag Image Credit:

What if we told you there was a magic cure to ‘aeroplane skin’. You know the kind, it usually happens about five minutes into your flight when you get that tight feeling, skin starts to look sallow and a bit grey and your lips suddenly become majorly dry.

The truth is, when you fly (whether it’s long or short haul) the processed air, lack of oxygen, zippo humidity and chemicals galore (not to mention the fluctuating temperature) dramatically affect your skin. Put simply, planes are moisture-sucking vessels and your skin’s worst enemy.

Often the moisturiser you’re using on the ground won’t have enough oomph to see you through the jet stream. But there’s a nifty little trick… Three very dinky and even prettier bottles from the Clarins Skin Boosters range (Energy, Repair and Detox), which you mix with your regular moisturiser to put it on turbo charge mode. For flights, the Energy Booster is your best bet. As you’d expect, it re-energises struggling skin by using ginseng extract that increases oxygenation in cells to give a brighter complexion.

Here’s how you use it:

  1. About the time the seat belt signs go off – run to the loo (before the queue gets massive and you end up hovering in the aisles, awkwardly watching a film over someone’s shoulder). Mix about three to five drops of the booster into a hydrating facemask and slather it on to your skin. People will stare as you walk back to your seat but shake it off – your skin will be SO much better than theirs (you could always just wait in the toilet for 15 minutes but your fellow passengers might hate you). Then rinse with bottled (very important) water.
  2. Then add another three to five drops of the skin booster into your moisturiser and slather over skin or start at this step if facemasks aren’t your thing.
  3. If you’re on a long haul, repeat moisturising every two to three hours, which is about every time the tea trolley comes round.
  4. If you’re just on a short haul, once should be plenty as it’s the maximum skin can absorb.

Other useful tips:

  • Pass on the tipple – alcohol is such a dehydrator and the air-con is already sucking every good thing out of your skin, you don’t want to do the same thing to your insides too. Obviously you can make up for it when you land.
  • If you fancy a tea, go for one of the green variety (green, peppermint, lemongrass). Caffeine (so that goes for coffee too) is another dehydrator your skin doesn’t need.
  • Oh and those salt and vinegar crisps? Big no no – salt is a moisture sponge. By all means take the shortbread…

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