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How to hide a hangover
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Forget the perfect party lip or a cool new up-do – this year we’re planning for the morning after. It’s a given you’ll probably feel worse than death the morning after your office bash where the only cocktail worth noting is that of alcohol, little sleep and a drop of cringe-worthy antics thrown in for good measure. The good news is you certainly don’t have to look as ropey as you feel.

We’re all guilty for thinking a slick of black liner and some blusher will perk up an exhausted complexion the next day – but the best way to look good is to anticipate how your skin’s going to react.

Alcohol expands your blood vessels, which slows circulation and disrupts the flow of oxygen – hence the red, dull patches that can appear. Meanwhile, your kidneys and liver are working overtime to detoxify. Your main man to lift skin out of this horror is some super-charged skincare.

Here’s how the night before and morning should go…

6PM pre party: Use a slightly heavier moisturiser than normal. Alcohol is going to dry skin out so you need to give it as much juice as possible to start with. Pop a serum underneath too for a double whammy.

6:30PM pre party: Just before you go, leave a pack of face wipes on your bedside table. See that lipstick and bronzer on your face? It’s coming off when you get home!

1AM après party: Slather on an overnight facemask – anything with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories will soothe puffiness and stop you waking up with any blotchiness (red wine drinkers, face masks are a godsend!).

1:01AM après party: Prop yourself up with an extra pillow. Elevating your head will stop fluid collecting under your eyes and forming bags. Yes – that’s a true tip.

7:00AM après party: Hit snooze – you need as much sleep as you can get.

7:10AM après party: You’re going to want to splash some cold water on your face – don’t fight this. It’ll tighten up pores and awaken blood cells as well as jerking you into the land of the living.

7:15AM après party: Instead of necking a coffee opt for a tea and put the bags on your eyes (seriously). The anti-oxidants in them will take down any lingering puffiness and reduce dark circles.

7:20AM après party: If you can face it, slather on a hydrating facemask (or some moisturiser at least). Not only does it soothe skin, it’ll put back everything the alcohol and lack of sleep took out.

7:25AM après party: Lipstick is the best way to distract attention away from tired skin, and it’s got to be pink (skin will already be a little red from the alcohol so you don’t want to emphasise it by wearing the same shade – trust us, we learnt that lesson the hard way). It’s one of the only times we can say a make-up product is absolutely crucial.

And now we’ll leave you to carry on your day cursing a pounding headache and swearing that you’ll never drink again…

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