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How to know which hairbrush to use
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When we’re not singing into them and belting out Beyonce (dance moves included), we’re using hairbrushes for their intended (albeit, less amusing) purpose. However, with simply hundreds to choose from - how do you know which one you should be using?

We’ve broken it down for you…

The paddle brush

You like things to be easy breezy and simple to style. A paddle brush has flexible prongs so when you're yanking it through wet hair they will move with the strands rather than snapping through them. Also the pillow cushion stops friction so you don’t have a static halo to deal with. A staple for most.

Tangle teaser

Your life is always moving at 100mph and you have approximately 3 minutes 27 seconds to style your hair each morning. Enter: Tangle Teaser. You can take it in the shower with you to comb hair with conditioner on (two birds and all that) and it also comes in a mini size that slots perfectly into your handbag.

Boar bristle brush

You like things traditional, would choose Sloane Square over Shoreditch and motto for life is ‘What would Mary Berry do?’ A boar bristle brush polishes hair to amp up shine by carrying oil from the roots and evenly distributing it over the whole strand and it’s also excellent for brushing out ringlets into Hollywood waves. 

Ceramic round brush

Would you ever straighten wet hair? Noooo. The same goes for a ceramic brush – although it’s tempting to use it when hair is sopping wet, the metal heats up with the heat from the hairdryer and sizzles hair. Instead rough dry hair and the use the brush to style when hair is already about 90% dry. You will stll get the style you want and it will hold for longer too.

Round bristle brush

Smooth bouncy blow dries make your world go round. You also like volume and are able to do something quite whizzy whilst you style, wrapping hair round the brushes and pulling it through like a pro. As with the above, rough dry hair first and then use when hair is about 60% of the way dry to avoid living life with a tangled hairbrush stuck to the back of your hair.

Backbrush brush

‘Sorry, what was that? I can’t hear you over the volume of my hair!’ is a phrase you regularly cry (or want to cry). A backbrush brush is only to be used at the roots (you don’t want to ruffle your ends into splitting). Part the hair into sections and back brush the underneath about three inches from the root. Then brush over the top of roots in the right direction to smooth over. Excellent for fine hair that needs a bit of oomph or for giving shape to up 'dos.   

Wide toothcomb

You have A LOT of hair on your hands. But even curly haired girls can pick this through their locks. Bristles are wide enough it actually encourages curls to clump together and into formation. Best used for detangling wet hair. 

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