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How to look flawless in 10 minutes
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On par with navigating fiddly false lashes or getting your eyeliner flicks perfecto, getting make-up to look like you’re just naturally flawless is one of the trickiest beauty dilemmas. Top that off with only having a few minutes every morning to nail it (plus the added obstacle of being on a tube, train or sat in traffic precariously balancing a mirror on your steering wheel) and count the odds well and truly against us.

So if like us you need a bit of help in the flawless in five minutes department, we’ve streamlined a good make-up regime to last just 10 minutes (sorry five was pushing it). On your marks…

1 MINUTE: Always start with the base. No need to do anything fancy here – but a smoothing primer (we love, love, love, the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, yours for £26.50) works much like an Instagram filter over skin and will give whatever you put on top something to grip hold of so it stays put.

2 MINUTES: Here’s a little tip, warm your foundation in your hands before applying so that it melts over your skin and blends easier. The super creamy Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Foundation SPF 10 works particularly well as it has pink opal pigmnets (that work like a highlighter) to brighten skin. Touch up with concealer under your eyes, over any blemishes and in shadowy areas (corners of the nose are a biggie) to make the skin look even. 

1 MINUTE: Sweep a little blush (peach colours flatter skin with yellow undertones, pinks look better on pale skins that have pink undertones, whereas bright blush will really pop against dark skin) up your cheekbones to add definition.

3 MINUTES: We know, palettes can seem a bit over the top when the clock’s ticking but we’ve whittled it down to three simple steps (we did this using the Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette). Start by sweeping the lightest shade in the palette over your lids using the applicator (or a cotton bud if, like us, the brush always goes astray). Then apply the second lightest shade to the outer corners of your eyes to widen and define them. If you’re an eye shadow-phobe and this look is already pushing the boundaries, permission to stop here – but if you’re feeling confident, use the darkest shade in the crease and in a tight line along the eyelid. 

1 MINUTE: Liner up! The reason we use kohl rather than liquid is because it is much more subtle and easier to wiggle in between lashes on the lower lid, which opens your eyes.  

1 MINUTE: Depending on how much mascara you like to use, this could only take a couple of seconds but remember to apply on both sides of the lash to lift the eye.

1 MINUTE: For a finishing touch, add some balm to your lips. We’re big fans of the Clarins Instant Light Natural Balm Perfector, there are loads of shades and it’s a good lip staple to polish off your look.

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