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How to look hot when you workout
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Wouldn’t it be great if we all looked liked those fresh faced A-listers leaving their swanky workout sessions all rosy cheeks and glowing? We’re convinced they’re not actually human. Normal people like us are dripping with sweat, puffy eyed and wearing an XL Race for Life t-shirt, from that 5K we did six years ago, as a lingering reminder that we were once fit.  

We actually feel pretty embarrassed for caring, but wearing a little make-up to the gym makes us feel good about ourselves. So we can’t change the wobbly bits overnight, but our face is something we can perk up instantly. And yes, it’s totally girly and pathetic we know!

That being said, as Beauty Editors it’s important to say the sensible thing here, that is – wearing make-up whilst working out isn’t advisable. It can block the way you skin would naturally respond to exercise like sweating and dilating pores. Prime zit conditions. There we said it. Now for using the loopholes…

Before you do anything wash your face with a cleanser. This removes any dirt and grime off the surface of your skin and away from your soon to be open pores.

Secondly, skip the heavy moisturiser. Anything too thick will suffocate skin and could clog pores further. If you have sensitive skin and have to wear a moisturiser, use a light lotion.

So the prep’s done – now for the make-up….

1. Prime time
Yeah they’re annoying and seem like a load of hassle but a primer gives whatever you put on top something to grip hold of. Plus it’s a barrier between open pores and make-up. We noticed a massive difference in our post-workout breakouts and if you’re prone to redness, look for a yellow-based primer to neutralise the flare-ups.

2. BB cream
As BBs are basically glorified skincare, they don’t slip or run like a foundation. Plus if you’re exercising outside, the added SPF will come in handy.

3. Blotting powder    
This is as essential as a decent sports bra. Have this in your kit bag – if you don’t have time for a shower until you get home, blot immediately after your workout. It’ll hide any redness and soak up excess oil.  

4. Gel liner
Gel liners are budge proof and really stand their ground against the heat. Wax crayons will melt when you get hot.

Now there’s no excuse not to go the gym…

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