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How to look younger in 10 minutes
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Before you get too excited, we haven’t created a magic wand that allows you to walk into your bathroom and 10 minutes later emerge with the smooth, plumped up skin you had in your '20s (although wouldn’t that be wonderful?). Instead we’ve got some super simple tricks to cheat a more youthful glow instantly. We’re not talking about surgery rivaling results, but rather a radiant boost that will keep looking like you, but on a really, really good day.

On your marks. Get set. Start the beauty stop clock.

7:00AM: Change cleansers

If only we could tell our teenage self to use a high SPF when spending hours sun worshipping. Isn’t hindsight a powerful thing? To lighten up the dark spots that those sunny days left behind, use a brightening cleanser to improve skin clarity and luminosity. It serves as an excellent starting point for what comes next.

7:02AM: Exfoliate

Boost your cell turnover and slough away those icky dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliator. This immediately brightens by allowing light to bounce off a super-smooth surface.

7:06AM: Eye cream

Particularly in the morning, eyes are much more puffy and dark. This is usually because the blood vessels are slightly inflamed meaning you can see them through the skin, which is when bags begin to appear. A cooling eye gel will immediately soothe the area and reduce the swelling. For maximum soothing, keep your eye gel in the fridge. You skin will love you for it. 

7:07AM: Ditch the powder

Use a liquid foundation or better yet a BB cream, which gives you coverage without the ‘cakiness’. Ageing skin tends to be a tad on the dry side, so steer clear of powder as it can settle into fine lines or enlarged pores, which actually enhances the creases you’re trying desperately to conceal.

7:09AM Highlight

Adding a highlighter to your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, corners of the eyes and bridge of the nose immediately defines your bone structure and gives you that healthy glow you thought you’d lost in your twenties.

7:10AM Et voila. Good to go!

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