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How to make oily skin glow in the right way
How to make oily skin glow the right way Image Credit:

Oily skin sufferers might wince in horror at the mention of words like ‘illuminating’ and ‘radiance’ on products for fear of looking like you’ve just rubbed butter on your face. But the generic solution of prescribing mattifying products can be equally frustrating. There are other just as agreeable alternatives out there, and glowing (not shiny – two very different things) healthy skin is one of them.

1. The first thing you need to do is get the excess oil under control. ‘As oily skin tends to be thicker, you can use more intensive exfoliators,’ says facialist extraordinaire Sarah Chapman. ‘Be careful to avoid alcohol and acid-rich products as they can encourage the production of sebum.’ Exfoliate twice a week with a non-granular scrub that contains AHAs or BHA salicylic acid and apply a clay mask up to twice a week to help absorb excess oil. Removing the dead skin cells is like clearing a foggy mirror; it will instantly reflect more light.

2. Scale back your make-up. Foundation melts off oily skin, making it look much worse than it actually is. Use a concealer for the odd rogue blemish or dark circles and prime the rest of your face. If you feel naked without foundation, try a mineral powder, which sucks up oil like a sponge. They have a natural sheerness to them and make skin look like yours, only better. Sign us up!

3. A multi-pronged attack is always a stronger one. Feast on carrots, spinach, kale or just about anything with vitamin A in it. This will help to slow down oil production and give skin a glow from within. If you hate the taste of any of the above, top up on supplements instead for a similar effect.

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