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How to nail self-tanning
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If you're one of those women who apply fake tan year-round without a single streak or orange palm, we salute you. But for the rest of us tying ourselves up in knots trying to catch every last patch, we’re here to save you.

Winter's chilly and skin-parching temperatures have officially put us in the throes of summer-glow separation anxiety. Now that summer feels like it’s in the not so distant future; most of us start hitting the bottle (of fake tan, of course). For a novice, it can be daunting so we’ve called on Global Tanning Artist, James Read to bring some much-needed order to your tanning routine.

So first thing's first; to avoid being that girl with the patchy thighs and streaky hands, listen carefully. “The biggest blunder women make is over applying fake tan. The way I approach tanning is by using a layering technique so I can build up the colour that’s right for the person. This should be done about one hour after applying the first layer and if you want to go darker apply a second layer an hour later. Layering should be done on the same day otherwise the build up of self tan will cause an uneven colour and become patchy.”

If you stick to Read’s three golden rules of tanning you really can’t go wrong.

1. Preparation: Exfoliate twenty-four hours before to get rid of any dry skin or unwanted self tan, so the application is as smooth and streak-free as possible.

2. Application: Start from your face and work your way downwards to your feet, being careful not to miss any areas and use any excess product from the arms and legs to wipe over your hands and feet.

3. After care: In the days following your tan, it is key to keep your skin moisturised, especially your hands, feet, knees and elbows.

TOP TIP: “When it comes to tanning your back, put a wooden spoon in a tanning mitt and wrap an elastic band around it to make a handle. This way you are able to tan your whole back yourself without having to ask for an extra pair of hands to help!” Winning advice for those of you doing yoga in your bathroom try to get the middle of your back.

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