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How to shave for smoother legs
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If you think waxing is more painful that a pair of six inch Valentino’s, epilating makes you want to reach for gas and air and lasers will quite frankly cost more than your mortgage each month then you’re probably still standing by your £5.99 razor blade. And good for you!

But the prickly leg situation is a right Debbie downer…  You know what we mean, our legs feel like they have hundreds of tiny needles dotted up them despite the fact you only shaved them yesterday – the swines!

So we’ve come up with a plan to not only get instantly smooth legs, but to make them stay that way for as long as possible.

POW_ER Tip: Scrub-a-dub-dub

See that? All that scaley skin on your legs? It’s all got to go. Dead skin blocks your razor from being able to get right the root of the hair which means you can’t get as smooth of a shave, so use an exfoliator the day before.


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POW_ER Tip: Hop in the tub

There’s a reason a good soak will help you shave legs more smoothly. The hair is softened by the hot water (a shower will do if you don’t have a tub – just let them have a good splash of water) and so helps the razor glide over legs (remember: less friction means less irritation). Better still, lather your legs with your shower gel or moisturiser before you start.

POW_ER Tip: Stay sharp

That razor that’s been perched on the side of your bath for three months has to go. You should change your razor as much as you do your toothbrush (which is every couple of months supposedly). The duller the blade the harder it is to get as close to the root of the hair and the scraping can cause irritation.


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POW_ER Tip: Hey smooth mover

After shaving, moisturise your legs straight away (and every day if you remember!). Especially after winter, legs are drier and feel much more prickly. Moisturiser not only softens your skin, but the hair too – think of it a bit like a hair conditioner (so if you’re like us and leave a good few days in-between shaves, the prickly stage won’t be quite so aggressive!).

Excuse us whilst we just fill our ASOS basket with new skirts… 

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