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There are a lot of things that annoy me. People who yawn loudly on public transport, having to rectify autocorrect on iMessage (for ducks sake) but perhaps what annoys me the most is applying my make-up in the morning, only to be met with a dazzling greasy shine as I make my way down to Pret. Let’s just say I won’t be getting a free coffee when my face looks THIS shiny.

For me, dusting a powder on top just feels wrong. It might work for some, but personally, adding another powdery layer just makes my skin look cakey and dusty. Blotting papers? Pah, they just remove any make-up I’ve applied and are too much of a faff. I’m left underwhelmed by primers that claim they’ll absorb oil – they seldom do, and I hate adding another thick layer of product underneath foundation. And while I do love a good make-up fixing spray, I’m yet to find something that completely seals the deal.

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So you can image my excitement when Murad’s new MattEffect Blotting Perfector landed on the Powder beauty desk. It has changed my life (tad over the top, but I’m not joking). Let me explain.

This cushion style compact contains a clear fluid that can be used in multiple ways to put a stop to shine – and it really does a jolly good job. Pat it on before foundation to weightlessly mattify skin in such a way that it doesn’t make your skin look flat – just velvety. You can also use it to set your make-up in place of powder, or, just use it for handy on the go touch ups, thanks to the handy compact mirror and applicator. A little goes a long way, so don’t over-saturate the sponge. A dab will do you just fine.

I love using it in place of primer and I’m pleased to say it keeps my face grease-free from dawn until dusk. Murad have really thought this through too. The puff applicator is antimicrobial, meaning it’ll ward off any spot-inducing bacteria lurking around. Plus, it’s great to pop in your gym kit as it’s incredibly cooling on ‘glowy’ (read: red and sweaty) post-workout complexions.

The formula contains marshamallow powder and French green clay – both are excellent at absorbing sebum, not water, so you’ll stay matte but not dry and flat. The added anti-oxidants are a welcome addition too, helping to protect skin from pollution – so essential if you live in a city. In a nutshell, you need one of these.

Now, grab one quick – before all the other oily-skin girls find out!

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