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How to stop hair frizzing in the rain
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Unless you’re super organised and check a very accurate (ha!) British weather forecast, getting caught in an impromptu downpour leaves us very little – if any – time to prepare. The worst thing about English rain (and there are many) is it’s often that pathetic fine, misty, wannabe-rain-but-not-hard-enough stuff – the kind our hair hates. We’d rather have a torrential downpour than this fake s**t.

There are many reasons why hair misbehaves because of rain, but the main one is health. Healthy hair won’t frizz (or as much anyway). Whist we can’t help the showers, we can increase our hair’s resilience to them.

These tips are worth a try:

Tip 1: Lunge for the fish oils!

Crank up your intake of omegas (fish or flaxseed supplements), as they’ll help strengthen brittle hair and bring some much-needed hydration and strength.

Tip 2: Put down the hair dryer

Heat from styling tools dehydrates the hair, which makes it split and gives that halo of fuzz. The key is to feed your hair so, after a morning shower, spray in some leave-in conditioner when the hair is still wet. This cements shut the wisps, to give you sleek ends.

Tip 3: Hairspray is BAD news

It might be the most obvious and widespread solution but hairspray is working against you. It’s a short-term fix and makes the hair more brittle (moving it up the frizz-o-meter scale). Instead use a serum with keratin – the protein in it strengthens and conditions the hair follicles so they stay smoother.

Tip 4: Keep your hands to yourself

Messing around trying to tame the frizz actually makes it worse. Hot hands over hair create a humid breeding ground for more fuzz by swelling the hair shaft and making the hair cuticles stick up.

Tip 5: Get high maintenance bedding

Ok, this one might be a bit much, but silk pillowcases will dramatically help hair strength. Wriggling around on your cotton one throughout the night makes the hair static and often damaged. Silk pillows aren’t as harsh on the hair so help to keep it smooth.

Or you could just wear a hat – that always works…

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