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How to stop your skin flaking off
How to stop your skin flaking off Image Credit:

We’d be the first to admit we are typically British in our inability to withstand the weather. We spend all summer complaining of the heat and the winter cursing the cold. But the thing we hate most about winter (apart from the dark mornings, Baltic weather conditions and lack of social life), is our persistently dry skin. Having the central heating on full blast isn’t really something you can avoid in the sub-zero temperatures, but you can prevent it from sapping skin of every last drop of moisture, through regular replenishment.    

Rest assured, we have the solutions to your dry skin woes. The key is to target the problem with an inside out approach. It’s no good piling moisturiser onto flaking skin if you aren’t watering your body too.

Here are our top tips for quenching the thirst:

Drink water

Yes, yes, we know you've heard it a million times before. If you still roll your eyes at the thought, try eating your way to hydration instead. Gorging on foods with high water content like citrus fruits, melon and salad, hydrates the body faster than water.


Feeding thirsty skin from the outside helps to lock in the moisture. Sufferers should look out for moisturisers that include oil or oil-like ingredients (that's ceramics, dimethicone and squalene, among others) and water-holding ingredients, such as glycerin and lanolin.


Steer clear of heavy foundations that will crack over dry spots. It’s much better to dab concealer onto any patches you want to hide than to cake foundation over your whole face. Plus, if you’ve ever tried applying foundation to a flaking face your know it’s a real struggle. But if you feel too naked without any coverage, try a hydrating BB cream instead.

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