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How to survive a long haul flight
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When it comes to traveling, how many of you have wished you could click your fingers and be in your bikini and on the beach, preferably being served with a cocktail from a very handsome waiter? Ok, so that’s everyone then. We spend months carefully crossing off the days until holiday but then the night before an overwhelming dread sets in for the mammoth journey ahead.

There isn’t much (if anything) to love about flying and because we don’t want to risk our beauty treasures getting confiscated by the greedy TSA officials, it’s easier to rescue skin and puffy ankles once you arrive instead.

Here’s what to do:

1. If you want to treat yourself to anything from Duty Free, make it an antioxidant serum. This doesn’t sound quite as appealing as a new perfume, but your skin will thank you. It rids skin of plane pollution from the recycled air to help boost hydration.

2. When you land, after being cooped up in a plane for hours, your skin will be parched. Slather on a super hydrating moisturiser, or mask if you have one, and leave it over night. Your skin will gulp it up.

3. If you can (and we know it’s tricky), resist the on-arrival complimentary cocktail because alcohol is a no-no (you won’t have to resist long, just the first day). The key is to flush out all of the unwanted toxins – not add more into the mix. So water only and snack on cleansing fruits such as kiwi and papaya.

4. Lastly, just jump in the sea. The positive ions you get from the ocean waves are a quick de-stresser. Plus, the sea salt and movement in the water helps lymphatic drainage and will de-puff the skin.

Now go get that cocktail…


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