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How to tackle hormonal acne
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Brace yourselves ladies because acne is a beast and requires a multi-pronged attack to defeat. So whilst we’re still waiting for the jury’s verdict on whether food causes acne, one thing we know for certain is it that nutrition plays a major role in calming it down (along with a lot of other things but let’s just focus on the grub).

Any food that sends sugars skyrocketing or is packed with grease should be avoided as widely as your credit card in a Selfridges shoe sale. Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston explains why, what we should be eating instead and when we should be eating it – pretty forthright but all valid.  

Eat breakfast

Those of you charging out the door without any breakfast (guilty) listen up. ‘Missing meals, especially breakfast, triggers the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which leads to blood sugar highs and lows,’ Bishop-Weston explains. Great, so what does this mean for our skin? Fluctuating blood sugar levels mean the body has to use insulin to keep things regulated. This leads to inflammation, oiliness and blocked pores – hello spot attack! We’re not suggesting you go and gorge on a bar of chocolate every couple of hours – but natural sugars and regular meals will keep things balanced. 

Skip the coffee (or at least cut back)

Why is it always the good stuff! Coffee sends your blood sugar levels crazy which sends skin into a frenzy. Try (we know it’s hard) to get your energy kick from super foods rather than caffeine, your skin will love you for it.

Don’t just cleanse your face, you need to cleanse your insides too

It’s not very glam but someone’s got to say it – regular loo trips to detox your insides are SO good for your skin. Bishop-Weston explains, ‘1.5 litres of filtered water a day, seven handfuls of vegetables and two of fruit, plus whole-grain carbohydrates, beans, pulses, nuts and seeds, especially chia and ground flax seeds will keep things moving.’ 

Feed your hormones

For most of us suffering from a bout of spots in adulthood, it’s because hormones have gone potty. An easy way to get them in order is by taking evening primrose oil supplements (they make you feel less grouchy too) or eating colourful fruit and vegetables – oranges, reds and purples are particularly friendly to acne prone skin.

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