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How to detox your skin
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If there’s one word that is synonymous with January, it’s detox. But the word can either fill you with excitement – or dread. Excitement at the prospect of a ‘new year, new me’ or dread, as let’s be honest detoxes aren’t fun. Who wants to be whizzing up a juice for the next morning when you could be pouring yourself a glass of wine?

Detox goes beyond cutting back on booze and burgers though. Everything is reflected in our skin – it mirrors what’s going on inside our bodies. It doesn’t have to be a chore though. To help kick-start your skin detox, we asked International Facialist and Skincare Expert Abigail James for her top tips on easy skin detoxing...


It’s all in the double cleanse

James says that a double cleanse is the first crucial step to rid your skin of make-up and toxins. Using a balm or oil based cleanser, such as Daphin’s Aromatic Cleansing balm, £35, work it into the skin, before removing with a warm, damp cloth to lift make-up away. After you’ve removed the barrier of make-up, the skin is prepared for the second cleanse, which really gets to work inside your pores. Try using a gentle cleanser, paired with a facial massage. James recommends starting at the centre of your face, massage outwards towards the glands behind your ears, before draining down your neck to flush out toxins from your complexion. “This lymphatic face massage is great to get the circulation going in the skin. Start with deep massage moves followed by draining lymphatic methods to really detoxify the skin,” says James. This is particularly effective if you have dull skin or are prone to acne, as it improves circulation and can shimmy away any blockages.


Clean Skincare

It’s time to go back to basics with your products and opt for ingredients as Mother Nature originally intended. “I would always avoid synthetic fragrance and instead go for clean, natural ingredients such as plant oils,” says James. “Darphin’s Vetiver Detox Oil includes 99% natural ingredients such as Vetiver, French Lavender, Geranium and Majoram that all help to relieve the skin of stressful aggressors.” In fact, plant oils are packed with vitamins that nourish the very top layers of the skin, which the skin’s internal blood supply cannot reach. So by topping your skin up with nurturing plant oil, you’ll be able to treat your skin with a two-pronged approach. Scared of using oils? You needn’t be. Here’s why even oily skin types should be using an oil.


… And Clean Eating

We know, we know, snooze. However, this doesn’t mean you have to put yourself on a diet – James promises there are some easy ways to detox your skin through food and drink. “A great way is to support the liver, which is closely connected to processing hormones and clear skin, is with lots of greens,” she says. “I love chlorella and plant chlorophyll. Proteins from foods, such as nuts, seeds and fish along with lots of healthy oils, will nourish the skin from the inside out,” she adds. “Lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper are all extremely beneficial for giving your skin a good cleanse. Try having one of these ingredients in a mug of hot water in the morning.”


Brush up on body brushing

We’ve praised the benefits of body brushing your legs, but brushing your entire body can help flush out toxins the body wasn’t able to do naturally. It also improves circulation and invigorates both the body and mind. Not bad for a bristled brush right? Ideally, you should do this for a few minutes each morning before showering, as your skin will get a better exfoliation when it’s dry.

Using a soft bristled body brush, start from your feet and move upwards using light, sweeping motions towards your calves, then thighs. Brush gently all over, always brushing in the direction of your heart.

Now you’re the queen of the detox, make sure you’re following these beauty resolutions for your best skin yet in 2018…

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