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Why blotting paper is still a thing
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Consider this an ode to the blotting paper, the only thing that hinders that god-forsaken slick of forehead shine that develops around 3.30pm and can’t be stopped for love nor money. Nowadays, the art of ‘blotting’ (and yes it is an art) is an overlooked beauty ritual from days gone by; old-school Hollywood glamour titans like Marilyn Monroe wouldn’t be caught dead without some of these in their clutch bags. Why? Because these little sheets of oil-absorbing paper lift up surface oil (and thereby shine) without drying skin out or piling on even more makeup. They’re perfect for hot summer days, your commute, or, of course, your desk. It’s time for a revival.

Here are the best ones:

Mai Couture Vitamin C + E Blotting Paper x 100, £10 – A little booklet of blotting paper, these were created by a Korean makeup artist named Mai Tran – and we all know that Koreans know best when it comes to skincare. What’s brilliant about these is they’re infused with Vitamins C and E to deliver antioxidants to skin while picking up shine: some would call that a double whammy.

Muji Face Blotting Paper x 100, £2.50 – Everyone’s favourite destination for minimal storage and good bedsheets (softest ever), Muji, do these great no fuss blotting papers too. These are made using pulp which amps up how much the paper can absorb, so you’re getting a lot for very little money indeed.

Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper x 100, £19 – These are best for those with particularly tricky skin as they’re infused with antibacterial powder that helps diminish bacteria – and they don’t come cheap. That said, they’re some of the best loved on the market and come in a neat blue pouch.

Boots Skin Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, £3.99 – Have acne-prone skin and can’t afford Shiseido’s blotters? Try these alternatives from Boots. They’re imbued with salicylic acid, which is a BHA that helps dissolve blackheads and disintegrate any acne-causing bacteria, so you’re still getting that added skincare benefit throughout the day.

NYX Professional Makeup Matte Blotting Paper x 50, £4 – More simple but effective blotters, these are also pure pulp meaning they’re super absorbent.

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