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You only have to trawl through your social media feed to see a dozen #iwokeuplikethis selfies, all claiming to be fresh-faced  (no one woke up like that – all a load of tosh). What you don’t see are the 65 spare shots and hours spent trying to get that one ‘off the cuff’ picture. They’re fibbers the lot of them, but we want their skin! So how can we cheat too? Thankfully the latest round of finely milled powders and blurring primers are so effective at enhancing what you’ve already got, you’ll be able to convincingly blag your natural base as your own skin with just a few sneaky products. Here's how to make it look like you're not wearing any makeup at all with a few nifty tricks. 

The base

The trick is to enhance what’s already there, rather than masking it. Colour correcting primers are the best starting point, as they even skin out by blurring imperfections and discolouration. Press into your skin as you apply, to avoid tell-tale colour splodges.
Foundation wise, opt for a super light formula (probably a liquid, BB cream or tinted moisturiser – choose your poison). If you do have a heavy one, mix one part foundation: to one part moisturiser, to thin it out. And then, only touch up and layer over the odd spot (or wherever you need a bit of help) with a concealer.

The highlights

If you dot a highlighter (we'd got for a cream or liquid one as they're easier to blend) above the apples of your cheeks and lips ( cupid’s bow in beauty speak), it’ll instantly brighten up your skin and make you look like you’ve slept for 10 hours (Ha! If only we could sleep that long).

The blush

A cream blush gives cheeks a really natural, pinched glow (but this can really give the game away so go easy –  just tap very lightly with finger tips). Avoid powder, it tends to sit on top of skin and won’t fool anyone.

The mascara

Use a mascara with a rubber wand as it coats only a teeny bit of product on the lashes – focus on the roots and just enough to make you look awake, without any chance of clumping. Better yet, get a lash tint (yes that’s still a thing).

Good to glow, ladies!

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