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The best Marathon beauty essentials
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So, you’re running the London marathon this weekend. Go you! By now, you’ll have tapered your runs in the lead up to the day and will be loading up on all the carbs this week. But, have you thought through your beauty regime for the day? Your body, skin and hair can all take a beating running the 26.2 miles, so we’ve put together a beauty plan to make your race-day more enjoyable. On your marks…

First things first, feet.

Your feet will be carrying you a very long way, so make sure they’re adequately prepped for the distance. “It is very important that toenails are cut properly, not too short and not too long,” says Foot Specialist Margaret Dabbs. “Pounding on the streets will cause them to press on footwear and socks. This can cause trauma and inflammation to your nails. Good quality socks help to hold the foot in position and also keep the feet dry.”

Don’t stress about sleep

A lot of people get hung up on not getting enough sleep the night before the race, but, reassuringly, a study has shown that a getting less sleep than usual won’t actually hinder your performance very much. To help drift off, we love This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, which has a winning combination of lavender, vetivert and camomile to calm both your mind and body, inducing a restful night’s sleep.

Ace your skincare routine

It’s set to be a scorcher come Sunday, so you’ll want to make sure you protect your skin with a quality SPF while you’re pounding the pavements – and that goes for your complexion too. “Try a tinted suncream with SPF30 or higher to protect from UV rays and double-up as your make-up base,” says facialist, Kate Kerr. “I also advise my clients to increase the use of antioxidants in their regime as the temperature increases. It not only protects the skin from free radical attack, but also helps to control pigmentation changes, that often get worse when the sun first comes out.” A good vitamin C serum will help combat pigmentation and also fend off pollution too.

Marathon make-up

Not sure whether to wear foundation? It’s best left for race day. “When you leave a full-face of make-up or occlusive skincare on when out in the heat and sun, it stops the sweat flushing out our pores effectively, leading to congestion which can then result in the onset of acne and skin sensitivity,” explains Kerr.

However, if you must wear a base, you can’t beat the J.ONE’s Jelly Pack (a cult Korean skincare primer that’s packed with antioxidants and grips foundation like no other) combined with Erborian’s BB Crème with SPF 20. It’s lightweight yet offers great coverage with a semi-matte finish that won’t budge no matter how much you sweat. We actually road-tested this combination during a half marathon and it will still completely flawless at the finish line. And for a post-race refresh, we love Sport FX’s Time Out Face Mist and Fix Spray to cool and hit refresh on your complexion.

Avoid hair mares

You know the situation. You’re bounding along and you can feel your ponytail loosening just as you’re finding your stride. Not what you want when you’re trying to achieve a new personal best. We’re a fan of Invisibobble’s Multiband, which comes with the well-loved original invisibobble hairband (that leaves zero kinks in your hair) but it’s also attached to a headband to keeps any sneaky strands swept back and slick. Genius. And for post-race? You cannot beat Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo – pop this in your kit bag and you’ll never turn back.

Rest and repair

As this point the months of training, hard work, blood, sweat and jelly babies will have paid off – the finish line is in sight, but your body is going to be conked to say the least. So what’s the best way to recover? Karen Davis, Chief Pharmacist for Westlab, says: “With any endurance sport there is such a focus on the correct preparation with training and nutrition that the recovery is often forgotten about until the last minute. Epsom salt is an effective pure mineral compound recommended to help relax muscles and ease joints.” Finish off your day with a hot bath filled with Westlab Epsom Salts and soak for 20 minutes to soothe and restore tired legs.

Now, time to plan that all important post-marathon feast!

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