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How to train your sensitive skin
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Unlike its needy ageing skin counterpart that demands all sorts of fancy lotions and potions, sensitive skin needs no indulgence. It’s the low maintenance, baggy sweatshirt kind of date. Refreshingly, it chooses comfort and practicality over style any day.  So the best approach to intolerant skin is a simple one. Make your skincare regime as fuss-free as possible (hurrah!). We’re talking, the most boring, un-fragranced, straightforward products out there. This doesn’t mean the cheapest, just the most compliant ingredients to calm and restore skin.

Stick to these golden rules and you can’t go wrong.

Rule 1: We know it sounds obvious to say always test your products before using them, but do it on your face rather than your wrists. Most of the time, your hands can tolerate something your face cannot. Wait at least 48 hours before applying it to your whole face.

Rule 2: Cut your cleansing routine to just once a day. Over cleansing is excessive and can actually make sensitivity worse by stripping it of protective natural oils. Give yourself an extra five minutes in bed in the morning and just cleanse at night. Win win.

Rule 3: There are few beauty products we can honestly say you actually need, but a moisturiser for sensitive skin is definitely one of them. It helps lock in moisture to prevent the already weakened skin barrier from drying out further.

Rule 4: Fragrance might be appealing but your skin will hate you for it. We mean really hate you. Natural or synthetic, any perfume ruffles the skin and can trigger a reaction. It’s best to just steer clear completely until your skin becomes a little more obedient.

Rule 5: We know it’s a cliché but you really are what you eat. All the obvious apply here: a diet containing plenty of oily fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds will work wonders for dry skin, while drinking plenty of water helps to flush out toxins and keep skin sufficiently hydrated.

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