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How to treat thinning hair
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There are some beauty problems we openly discuss. Whether it’s with friends, neighbours, the bus driver - you name it. Only this morning did I get into an extensive chat with the women behind the counter in Starbucks about her amazingly groomed manicure and lamented about how my chipped, stubby nails were such a Monday morning mood killer (she gave me an extra shot in my skinny latte– the nails don’t seem half so bad now…).

And then there is the other camp of beauty problems. The one’s we suffer with in silence. Thinning hair is one that no one even whispers about, yet around half of women experience hair loss by the time they’re 50. You’re really not alone - it’s far more common than people realise.

The reason hair thins can be down to any number of factors – poor health, medications and stress is a biggie, and while professional treatments are advisable, we chatted to Kerry Warn, John Frieda International Creative Consultant about tricks to make hair look instantly fuller yourself.

Tip 1: Go easy on heavy styling, extreme heat and colouring (but still enjoy your life)

‘True, over styling and over colouring can thin or even break the ends, but the root can still be healthy even if the ends aren’t (which will promote thicker hair). The killers are hair extensions as they’re a massive strain on the root’, explains Warn. Once the root is thin and broken it’ll grow thinner, so it’s best to focus on the scalp.  

POW_ER Tip: When you shampoo, gently massage the scalp in circular motions to simulate blood flow. It’ll shimmy along hair to produce healthier and stronger locks.

Tip 2: Don’t go nuts with products

‘The biggest mistake women make with thinning hair is over styling’, says Warn. We know it’s tempting to lunge for every mousse, gel or spray that even hints at being ‘volumising’ but hold fire a second. Too much product actually weighs the hair down and makes it look lank and flat. ‘You can’t be too ambitious with thinning hair – better to work with as little product as possible,’ explains Warn.

POW_ER Tip: Instead of styling products, stock up your fridge with iron-rich foods like red meats and leafy greens to improve the strength of your hair. As hair is formed under the scalp, it’s what you’re putting into your body rather than on top that’s important.

Tip 3: Trot down to your nearest salon

‘A blunt haircut (when the ends are cut straight across rather than pointy) gives hair an illusion of thickness whether hair is long or short’, Warn tells us. If you catch your hairdresser brandishing a razor (they’re scissors that look like the have a comb on the blade) run for cover! However hard they try to convince you this will blend the layers, it’ll make your hair look much thinner.  

POW_ER Tip: Switch up your parting (you can do it, be brave). Flipping hair around will stop it lying flat, when repeatedly styled into the same place.

Tip 4: If you’re hitting the bottle (of dye) vary the colour

A block colour can make hair look a little flat and lifeless. Hair naturally has different tones through it that give it some ballast. Highlights plump hair out by giving it depth.

POW_ER Tip: If you do colour hair, don’t have it done too often – balayage is much kinder to the hair as it is freehand and painted onto hair so you don’t get the harsh re growth (nor do you have to schlep back to the salon as quick). 

Glad we got that out there… 

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