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How to ward off ageing
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I don’t think anyone is ever ready to pick up a product that has ‘anti-ageing’ splashed across it. The word just sounds, well, old right? But when you’ve got a few fine lines creeping up around your eyes and things just aren’t looking as glowy as they once were – you need that in-between product that isn’t quite oil-stripping chemicals but not gold packaged potions either. 

In fact, what you actually need to do is spice up your skincare regime. Just a few simple swaps will mean you won’t have to join the ‘anti-ageing’ gang just yet…

Clever cleansing

Cleansers are the workhorse of your entire routine. These guys work harder than any of the fancy lotions and potion you put on next. Without complaining, it sloughs away daily dirt, free radicals, pollution, environmental exposure, which if left on the skin can cause tissue damage and that leads to accelerated ageing (yikes that’s a lot to take in!).

Don’t stop at cleansing…

Exfoliating gives you healthier and younger looking skin within a couple of days. By sloughing away all the icky dead skin and unclogging pores, you’ll have a much brighter surface. It just freshens everything up. But only use them twice a week, as over stimulation can create a whole host of new problems such as dryness, redness and the list continues…

What even are serums?

Compared to the basics (moisturisers and cleansers - we’re looking at you!) we’d forgive you for thinking a serum is a little excessive. An extra £50 a month on something that just disappears is too much, right? Wrong. Actually they’re much better value than your moisturisers for curbing any early signs of ageing. Whilst a moisturiser just sits on top of skin, a serum can slip down through the pores and affect skin at a much deeper level where ageing starts.

Don’t forget about a moisturiser though

You still need them! A. They seal in the serum and B. They’ll keep the top layer of your skin moisturised and less prone to creasing. Skip the light, oil-control lotions you used in your late teens in favour of something richer. As your skin ages it will get progressively drier so it’s important to keep tabs on what it feels like and consequently what it needs. Think of them like bra fittings – you have to keep getting measured to find the correct size right? Your skin is the same.

Go gadget!

Fancy tools that resemble a giant electrical toothbrush are expensive but boy are they worth it. Not only do sonic cleansing brushes clean much deeper into the skin, they boost circulation, which helps to tone things up. It’s like a gym workout for your face, which keeps everything perky and tight.

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