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Ah, cleansers. They’re so often the forgotten part of our skincare regime. Always upstaged by the fancy lotions and potions that demand all the limelight. Most of us just slap any old soap on our faces and scrub/ wipe the day off in less than 30 seconds.

Actually the humble cleanser deserves more respect. It’s the workhorse of your regime and without it doing its job properly any of those potions that sit proudly on your top shelf may as well be chucked away as they can’t work effectively (argh, don’t take the limited edition Moroccan face oil, spare it please, we’ll do anything!).

And as far as slapping it on goes, there’s a lot more to it than that. Considering we cleanse half asleep (literally – first thing in the morning and just before bed) we think we’ve got the tekkers down. It’s tricky to believe there is actually a wrong way to this.

Actually we’re making more howlers than we knew was possible – so here’s the right way to cleanse…

1. Getting warmer

Water needs to be slightly tepid in order to open up the pores so you can clean them out, but too hot and you’ll dry your whole face out. Splash with a bit of icy water at the end to shock the pores into snapping back to their usual resting position.

2. Double cleanse in the evening

That’s just beauty speak for do it twice. Yeah, we know it’s a chore, but the first cleanse only scrapes off the make-up and dirt. The second does the hard work. It gets right down into pores and pulls out all the dirt festering in there.

3. That being said…

Don’t go overboard with cleansing. Any more than a couple of times a day will create more problems that it solves – it’ll dry skin out and cause it to pump out more oil to compensate.

4. Get it all off!

It sounds counterintuitive but cleansing can actually cause breakouts. If you don’t wash it all off and leave the leftover cleanser residue hanging around all night, it can get clogged in pores. Splash a bit of extra water in the corner of your nose, hairline and jawline – they’re often the most neglected spots.

5. Put the towel down…

Yes we know - it feels so damn satisfying to rub your face in a towel after a good cleanse. But alas, like all good things it’s actually bad for you. Not only does it tug on your skin, which causes it to loose its bounce, unless the towel is clean, you’re rubbing in all the dirt from yesterday back into your pores. Instead, pat skin dry with some soft cotton pads and then just bin them afterwards.

Oh and one final thing – don’t think you have to spend a small fortune on a good cleanser. Yes, there are varying degrees of quality but save your money for the stuff that actually stays on your skin – not the one that goes down the drain.

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